empty tasting bottles1

“What the hell is an ester or a phenol doing in my beer?”

“Why does this beer taste so damn good with this cheese that smells like my shoes?”

“I told my mate how much I loved Belgian style brown ales and he just stared at me.”


If these are questions you’ve ever had or would like answered, get a group of friends, work colleagues or come on your own and join the rest at the College of Beer.

The College of Beer is an introductory course to all things beer; styles, food pairings, breweries, learning how to taste and experimenting. You don’t have to have any knowledge about beer but we guarantee you will definitely leave with some. You may also leave feeling quite merry.

Our minimum group size is 8 people and can go anywhere up to 20. We have done 80 people before, but lets not push it.

Cost per person R500, including 20 beers and 5 snack pairings. (regret, no credit cards)

We can tailor make the College of Beer to suit your event or just do a tasting for a few friends.